Biography In Brief

  • Born the year, we landed on the Moon in the Mid-west
  • Raised by artists and tradesmen in Wisconsin
  • Early Forestry Training
  • Extensive Martial Arts Background
  • Apprenticed as a construction electrician
  • Formal education with honors as a Computer Technician
  • Discontinued computers to become a full-time Artisan Blacksmith
  • I have been a full-time cook and repair machinist
  • Was a high-ropes course and whitewater rafting guide
  • Relocated and was principal of a film and video production company to Denver circa 2000
  • When the production company went under, I became self-employed and have been ever since
  • COO of specialty food distribution company
  • 20+ years as a self-employed entrepreneur, performance coach, and consultant



  • College degree with honors
  • 35+ years of professional experience
  • Over 10k hours of meditation, breathing, and deep inner work
  • I traveled half a million miles
  • Been Self-employed for 20+ years
  • Read over a thousand books
  • Written over 500,000 words
  • Trained Olympic-level martial arts competitors
  • Ran a successful martial arts studio with 250+ students
  • I started rock climbing in late 1999 and within 4 months climbed 5.12a and on-site free-soloed 150ft climbs
  • Have professional heirloom artwork in mansions and top-end homes
  • Ran operations for multiple small businesses
  • Over a decade of time working 100+ hrs/week
  • Multiple times at the top and bottom financially
  • Profitable day trading expertise
  • Multiple extended work projects across time zones and internationally
  • Help find and negotiate solutions for several projects up to $500M
  • Semi-finalist Richard Branson and Tim Ferris Build-a-business competition
  • Advised Hedge Fund managers, Angels, NYT best-selling authors, and startups


Eclectic Skill Base and Experience

Martial Arts | Skilled Trades | Computer Technology | Art & Music | Film & Video Production | Business Operations | Media | Management | Leadership | Advisement | Performance Coaching | Mentoring | Remote Work | Entrepreneurship