What is Great Coaching? Podcast

A Provocative Conversation Between Coaches

A chance for coaches to share one-on-one experiences to help past and future clients create and get the most out of powerful coaching relationships. The purpose is to identify in the eyes of the client how to leverage coaching to balance happiness and productivity in life. Instead of focusing on behavioral markers that certify coaches, we focus on the client, what happens to their lives because of powerful coaching, and the willingness to make changes based on their insights.

Brief introduction of both coaches:

  • Interviewer – Chip, performance coach working with impact-driven entrepreneurs.
  • Interviewee – Who they are and what they do.

The before, during, and after of great coaching, and why most coaching is commoditized and marginalized:

  • Most coaches and clients don’t know what great coaching is.
  • Most coaches and clients don’t understand the cycle of coachability.
  • Most coaches and clients don’t carry the uncovered insights through to results.

Why is it hard to find great coaches?

  • The relationship is as unique as any other.
  • Great coaches invest deeply in the relationship because they love it.
  • This makes availability limited in a fast-growing industry.

How to reach both coaches and how they are willing to help:

  • Interviewee – How they can help, and where to find them.
  • Interviewer – Chip’s website, courses, and how to book a conversation.