If you are a Professional Coach or Solo-preneur, watch this video to see how to make your LinkedIn profile work better than your website, for generating new clients.

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Go one step further with a complete audit of your online presence

  • Get my research and shorten your learning curve
  • Find out the best practices for your marketing
  • See how top performing professionals market
  • Receive a comprehensive review your social media
  • Make sure your profiles drive traffic toward you
  • Get a comprehensive checklist and strategic plan

You know how to coach but are you excited to market and sell?

  • The easiest way to raise your rates is to fill your schedule
  • The easiest way to fill your schedule is to sell to a lot of prospects
  • The easiest way to do that is to automate lead generation
  • And easiest lead generation is conversational outreach
  • This is the solution to making selling both valuable and fun to do
  • I am also working on accrediting this content as CEC with the ICF

Client Testimonials

Great session Chip. Never ceases to amaze me how you “cut to the chase”. The actual analog used at home was: it is like you wandered into a stable ladened with manure and freed the million dollar race horse buried underneath. Thanks again.


James G Comerford

President, Replenishing Care And Technologies

Harlow is a true master artist and coach. He takes you from where you are to where you want to be. He believes in the power of human potential.


Jeremy Lautan

Professionally Certified Coach

Man oh man do I hate marketing myself. Or, at least I used to. Chip has shown me a way to get the word out about what I do to quality connections in a genuine and authentic way. This has been invaluable to me.


Travis Rumsey


Chip's experience, philosophy, and attitude have been hugely helpful on my journey of creating a coaching business and aligning with practically giving my greatest gifts and offerings. He has a tremendous contribution to make regarding the human potential movement. Whether it's practical guidance and science around flow, daily disciplines on taking priority actions, or not to mention his technological background that's mixed so well with marketing and sales, Chip's a full-package-deal coach. If he's inspired, some real magic can be created, and there's not a time I haven't seem him inspired. I highly recommend his services.


Kinan Whyte

Human Potential Coach | Entrepreneur | Technologist

Upon meeting Harlow I was struck by his breadth of knowledge and experience. I am a solo entrepreneur that offers classes to individuals and groups, I love the work that I do with people, but am less versed in marketing and business growth.  Harlow has been helping me with this. With very little time investment, he has helped me strategize my long-term plans, organize and sequence the approach, and support my immediate goals.

I have been impressed with Harlow's patience and ingenuity. He has been masterful at communicating large and overwhelming concepts in a way that makes sense for my business. His advice has been easy to translate into action, and in just a short period of time, he has saved me a tremendous amount of money by supporting me with appropriate scaling.


Anara Lani

Holistic Sex Educator

When my website crashed, I was fortunate to have Harlow on my team! He was dedicated to getting my site back up and running smoothly in the fastest time possible. He spent countless hours making sure the website was built even better than before.

His knowledge of technology, along with his ability to discuss high-level business strategy was priceless to my business. It’s rare to have a tech guy who also gets the big picture and can help implement long-term business goals into website construction and copywriting.

Harlow was also instrumental in assisting me with writing sexy copy for my upcoming webinars. Once again, I could feel his commitment to helping me succeed. I love his ability to get the point across directly and efficiently.
I would highly recommend him for your website, copywriting and high-level business strategy needs.


Una Viggiani

Founder of Bella Retreats

I have worked with Chip for many different years on many different projects. It is rare to find someone so versatile and professional in everything he does, his abilities to adapt to whatever company we were running was unbelievable, his determination and commitment are truly beyond words. Moving back to the UK was a transition that was not as fluid without someone like Chip, to take up the slack in whatever project we endeavored. Hard work, sheer gumption, and brilliance are the tag line this man should wear around his neck!!



Paul Sloan

Owner Cuan Mor / Oban Bay Brewery / Waterfront Fishhouse / Ranald Hotel

As a 15+ year Organizational Effectiveness and Best Practice Consultant, Trainer and Curriculum Developer I was intrigued to learn about Harlow (Chip) Reseburg's plan to create an "optimal performance solution for those seeking to take their lives to the next level".

Candidly (as Chip and I sat down) I expected to have "heard it before"; about 30 seconds into our discussion I was suddenly reaching for a notepad. What I heard (learned) was a completely new and different way of approaching challenges and bridging the gaps that keep us from actualizing dreams. I was delighted by the original thought Chip presented and (equally) the scope of implementable solutions offered.

To state the obvious I would encourage anyone seeking to take their lives to the next level to visit with Chip and Focus on Solutions Group.


James G Comerford

President, Replenishing Care And Technologies

I would recommend Harlow in any capacity in life and in any endeavor he pursues, whether it be personal or business. I have been good friends with him for several years now and we have been involved in several business and personal projects together. Harlow is one of the most, if not the most, intelligent people I know. Not only is he intelligent, but he is extremely talented and creative too! Harlow has a broad range of knowledge and skills and is always adding to his skill set. He can learn anything and becomes extremely proficient in new subjects in a short amount of time. Harlow has a great personality, is very well liked, is extremely trustworthy, is a great team player and is easy to work with. I would recommend Harlow for any business relationship!

Phil's LinkedIn Profile

Phil Catalano

Principle Support Engineer Oracle

After an initial interview with Harlow, I hired him as a strategic advisor to help streamline my sales and marketing strategy for my company. During our initial meeting, he methodically explained his approach and expected outcomes. Harlow and I talked about a particular client I recently walked away from due to pricing disagreements. I realized I had several other options instead of letting the client go. During this one strategy session with Harlow, I recognized that I left $9,400 on the table with a client the day before. I wish I had done that strategy session sooner. I have applied Harlow’s suggestions to current and new clients and I’m happy to report improved rapport and success in my business.


Frank Del Fiugo

Managing General Partner, Del Fiugo Consulting