Here is the first video I am posting that shows examples of insights and changes in disposition for clients as a result of a coaching session. I like to capture a summary video of the clients' context, critical insight(s), and commitments moving forward. I call this a "Coaching Insight Journal Entry," and I share them with the client after the session to watch regularly between conversations to reinforce intrinsic motivation. From a psychological standpoint, this can be more powerful than the client using the coach for motivation and accountability.

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Chip Reseburg

Harlow (chip) Reseburg is an experienced craftsman, martial artist, and entrepreneur. Driven to find the limits of human potential, he takes pride in finding the best possible daily rituals to maximize personal satisfaction and productivity in life. He has been self-employed for over two decades. His primary goal is to work with highly motivated, independent, and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to develop self-mastery practices to increase their overall impact and make a better world for everyone.